Movie Reviews

I found that this movie kept me at the edge of my seat and man did I have to keep reminding myself to close my mouth! I do have to say to all you sappy people out there, make sure you bring tissues and lots of them!

2012 seemed to be and interesting name for a movie! I wonder what everyone is going to do that year!? Plan for the worst maybe? I know I am going to be very careful that is for sure! I mean did you pay attention to all the death and suffering? Either I am going to plan an early vacation to China or an early death! There is no way I can live through a terrible 3 days like that! It’s like Mother Nature finally got her period after all these years and took it out on the whole world!

I was also shocked at some of the things they put in that movie! Some of it was just crazy violent and scary and some was pretty cool like the flying through the buildings and the driving through the buildings.. I was at the edge of my seat during that whole scene just following the plane/car with my body! I was in motion with it which was pretty funny! But seriously I was expecting them to go down but they made it through like 2 whole scenes without crashing! They even missed the Eiffel Tower in Vegas! I thought that it was pretty neat how they made it understandable for you to know where they were in which part of the movie.

The only thing I probably would have preferred was if that racist guy died after he said that they only picked the “Preferred Races” were on the boats.. Which meant no blacks and a few other races.. I just wish they killed that prick at the beginning who thought everyone should die just because some people don’t like them! How can the world survive without everyone! And I mean all races and all cultures.

But, anyways enough of my ranting. I am sure everyone has heard enough from me! So it is off to bed to rest my sleepy little eyes and catch my much needed beauty sleep! Everyone sleep well and I will hopefully leave a blog soon! πŸ™‚

Toy Story 3

I went to see Toy Story 3 today.. It was good, I liked it but I wouldn’t say it was the best movie I’ve seen lately.. But I guess it doesn’t help that it’s a child’s movie and I am expecting all this action and drama or romance.. And of course there was none of it. If I was like 5 I’d probably be all over that movie.. All I have to say is, I watched the movie and I enjoyed it and I am happy I saw it.. but I’d probably not watch it again unless I was with a child and they chose to see it! I wouldn’t have mind to see it in 3D but they weren’t showing it in the theater where I live so sadly.. NO 3D! 😦

If anyone wants to see the movie.. I say go for it but don’t expect something huge.. For example I have heard that it was “so sad” and “grown-ups cried during it” because I don’t think it was that dramatic to be honest! And I am a huge sappy person! I cry when I see commercials about teens being killed in cars because they decided to go drinking and driving.. Come on if I cry during that shouldn’t I cry during Toy Story? You tell me! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if you’d like to say something about the movie let me know! Love to hear from you..



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