One of those days..

The day where you wake up but don’t want to but still can’t fall back asleep. Ready to have a little personal fun but then just don’t care to try. Hope it’ll be a good day then you get a call from the nurse about your test results.. Don’t worry you’ll live but it’s just one of those days where you wish was over.. You clean your “partners” apartment but the hockey game is on so goes partially unnoticed for 2 or 3 hours unless he moves during intermission.. Just emotionally drained with a slight headache and pills in your body that will eventually give diarrhea and make you feel icky!! What a day, what a day 😦 fml why did it have to be today?

Anyone know how this day feels, care to share?

I’d rather hear someone else’s story then live through mine!

Ub Photography


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