You always know what to say..

Hello World;

I’m back in the digital neighborhood. I decided I should let the world know I’m still here and kicking. With much to say about my life. I have finally got my doctor to agree to sign papers for ODSP, have a boyfriend who I truly care about and enjoy his company every chance we have together. Hopefully moving to Barrie in June with my best friend, getting myself a little kitten when I get my own place. And hopefully continuing my photography passion and career. I have gotten a new camera and hopefully another one soon with many more lenses. I am very interested in going back to school, College courses and my photography course!

I have also decided I should take up reading… Well, maybe instead of sitting in front of a tv all day I should get some knowledge in my head. But, I consider myself lucky knowing I have a lot in my head for not finishing high school! I could write a book for many to read, I can come up with quick come backs and I make jokes only my boyfriend laughs at and that’s all I need. I am happy, very happy! I like my life and hope I get to worry more about Christmas plans then being homeless and not a person caring about me. It’s amazing when you believe that it will get better and you just hope! I was very upset and depressed in life but I carried on wanting more from life and I’m happy. It’ll work for anyone as long as they want it bad enough!

Anyways, that’s my little life blurb..
I’m hoping to to be able to get on this site more often and posting photos or posts when I can.

UB Photography


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