Enter Title Here….?

To be honest I am up at pretty much 3am and my boyfriend is asleep next to me and his cat is hogging my side of the bed..

My keyboard I got for my iPad mini is too loud and it wakes him up.. And the keyboard is quite tiny. You can only imagine the difficulties I am having..

Now, I have to say when you have an ex across the country whom you’ll always love but you know you can never be together because he was just not what you expected in person. Met him on a site and he is an amazing person until he has a moment that cannot be explained..

Fun times to be had. I just got a message saying he was ignoring me for a while to think things over. He loves me but he wants to finally move on after 4 years.. When you only dated for 3.5 months in person..?

I don’t know what to say.. Have not even answered him as I have no idea what I’d say..

Love is a weird, strange, amazing, disappointing, satisfying yet unsatisfying thing that is almost impossible to explain as the possibilities are endless yet can always be cut short..

I’ve found Love. I’ve been lucky to find it and have been pleasantly surprised with many things..

This note is a combustion of thoughts in a moment for someone that has a really short attention span. – IT MAY EXPLAIN ALL MY OTHER POSTS.. So if anyone isn’t a fan of my writing well I can’t usually help it and I will let it slide 🙂

If anyone has questions, statements, comments, interests they’d like to share or just wants to say something to get attention this is the page you will do it on..

Thanks to everyone who stopped in to just listen to me blab for 5 minutes..

Listening to: The Circle Of Life ❤


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