“A Few Of My Favorite Things…”

Pomplamoose – Beat It

Pomplamoose – Telephone

Pomplamoose – Single Ladies

Pomplamoose – Favorite Things

Pomplamoose – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing


Game: Minecraft

Game: The Sims 3
Expansion: Seasons


My Heart Will Go On – X Factor

Gangnam Style – ft. MC Hammer

Fun Facts

Calm down bomb

A paradox: telling someone to ‘calm down’ always, always infuriates that person. Dropping the ‘calm down’ bomb is the ultimate act of passive aggression – it says “You’re out of line, and I need you to act in a more appropriate manner, like me.” Needless to say, this is not calming.
In July of 2002 “tattoos” reached its highest ranking ever, coming in as the number two most requested search term on the internet. “Tattoos” was requested more often than Britney Spears, marijuana or Kazaa, illustrating that skin ink is more popular than “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll!”

εïз Stephanie


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