About Me


My name is Stephanie. I was born April 30th, 1990. Which makes me 22 years old. I was born a blond and blue eyed girl. I am dutch and spanish, ( My dad’s parentsborn in Holland and my mother was born in Gibraltar ).

I’m artistic from the heart. I was in dance when I was younger. I have been in ballet, jazz and hip hop. My current passion is photography and I am taking an online university course for it. My favorite things to take pictures of are: Animals, Wildlife, Architecture, Sunsets and children or unique people who show their personality on the outside. I have also taken courses for photoshop and web design and absolutely love it. I currently live in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. I will soon be moving to Barrie, Ontario. When I move to Barrie I am hoping to take some College courses and a night course for Spanish. I’ve visited many places but my favorite will always be Gibraltar. I have family and friends that live there and I have been there twice. I’m a big cat lover and when I move out on my own I’m hoping to get a little kitty of my own. I’m definitely a unique person and most people would think I’m odd or strange. I’m a huge gamer. I may not quite be a gamer that’s always playing games but I love them and could never put them down. I have 4 favorite games at the moment and they are: The Sims 3, Halo Series, SimCity and Minecraft. I go to Barrie every weekend to visit my boyfriend and my friends who I am truly thankful for and can’t wait to see every week! I will be in Barrie taking more photos and I’m hoping that I can have them up within 2 weeks time and I’m hoping I’ll have more for people to see soon. I am in the process of reading books and have gotten threw a few I’ve loved. I’m a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. I have read “A Message In A  Bottle”, ” A Walk To Remember”, ” At First Sight” and I have seen almost all of his movies. I am currently reading Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon, I’m only half way done the book but I’m absolutely in love with it.

I’m really happy for my friend Hayley standing up for herself and her son and what they’ve been going threw with an elementary school in Barrie. You can read the articles and what she has to say about this situation and there will be more photos up for that as well.

I don’t say this often because I try to be cautious but I am Bisexual and proud to be this way. I support all gay rights!  And I

also support many other causes. I’m in a relationship with a wonderful man who supports me and makes me feel special. He is my best friend that I know I can trust. I’m regretting these next couple months for the fact it will be cold and wintery and well cold of course. I’m not a winter fan at all! But I am excited to have many Christmas plans this year.

Ihave always been interested in being a model so sometimes I go a little over board but it would be a great dream. Some may say I’m a camera whore or obsessed with being in front of the camera but I just wish I could do it professionally.

I hope everyone enjoys my blog and can leave comments and suggestions because I would love to do more and would love some new ideas. I have many but if there are any ideas on

articles or supporting causes I would love to know.


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